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Euro Wheels USA provides quality replica European wheels and rims internationally to customers around the world. We carry aftermarket wheels and rims ranging in size from 17 inches to 22 inches. All replica wheels meet TUV, JWL, and VIA specifications.

The pictures shown in our car gallery section represent photos sent in from customers and are for illustrative purposes so as to help buyers pick the best looking replica wheels and rims for their European automobile. Our replica wheel image galleries are categorized by car make to help our customer’s choose from a selection of wheels and rims. Buyers can submit their vehicle pictures with our rims and if we upload the photos on our Euro Wheels USA gallery site we will send them $50 cash. We carry a large stock of aftermarket rims and wheels for European cars and SUV’S to choose from.

Customer Wheels - Rims Wholesale Prices

Euro Wheels USA also offers information on wheel and rim trends to give you an up to the date selection of discounted wheels and rims. We work together with many wheel dealers and rim specialists to ensure we have the newest wheels and rims available.

We have wheels available for the following European automobile manufactures: wheels for Audi, wheels for BMW, Mercedes aftermarket wheel, wheels for Lexus, Nissan, Infiniti, Mustang, Camaro, rims for Porsche, alloy wheels for Range Rover and LAnd Rover or rims for Volkswagen. We use Fed Ex air for all of our international shipments.
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