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Vertini Wheels

Vertini Wheels has been creating flawlessly stylish wheels for Japanese and luxury European sedan and suv’s for over a decade. Vertini is passionate about its advanced designs and high standards and creates only finest quality of aftermarket rims in today’s marketplace. From deep dish lip styles to the now popular concave face designs, Vertini wheels offers an exquisite line up of luxury and tuner wheels any enthusiast would be excited about.

New Vertini Wheels

New for 2011, Vertini is proud to announce the arrival of the newly design Drift series wheels to its collection of luxury alloy’s. The Drift is a clean five spoke deep dish wheel which includes the exclusive signature Vertini engraved logo on each spoke. Its new technology offers a stainless chrome lip or black lip surrounding the five spoke face offered in racing gold, matte black, or gloss black finishes. Its light weight structure and aggressive offsets enable maximum clearance for big brake caliper vehicles including the 350Z and G35 sport models.

One of our favorite styles, the newly announced Vertini Magic wheel is truly a spectacular work of art. The clean concave mesh spoke style takes the breath away and is the ultimate wheel for sport luxury and SUV fanatics who enjoy turning heads as they drive by. The new magic is currently available in 19” – 22” staggered sizes for German and Japanese models. Finishes include machined face with silver lip, machined face with black lip and black face with black lip. One must truly see these wheels to appreciate their stunning looks. Its undeniable magic style looks amazing from any angle its shown.

Popular Vertini Wheels

The Riviera is a classic deep dish mesh style wheel especially popular among Porsche owners. Its elegant design and hub centric fitment is perfect for the high demands and expectations sought after by any Porsche driver. This wheel may be used with OE Porsche caps and is offered in 19X8.5” 19X9.5” and 19X10.5” sizes for narrow body and wide body turbo applications.

The Vertini Fairlady is a eye catching deep dish five spoke wheel made in machined face with black inlay and chrome lip. This wheel is offered in 19” and 20” staggered sizes for Nissan, Infiniti, Mercedes, Audi ,BMW and Porsche applications. The aggressive low offset sizing offers an appealing fender filling flush look. This wheel is especially popular among the 350Z and G35 enthusiasts who can benefit from its big brake clearance.

The Vertini Hennessy is the perfect wheel you need to take your luxury BMW 6 and 7 series to the next level of elegance. Its stunning ultra deep lip rear wheels are jaw dropping and look just right on full size luxury sedan BMW and Mercedes. This Vertini wheel is currently available in 20” and 22” sizes with machined face, black inlay and stainless chrome lip.

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